Point Reyes Hills

Point Reyes Hills
This was a day spent with my mom sight-seeing.

09 April 2008


This is a study in oil after watching a demo on how to put the paint on thick I came home and set this up for practice. (still practicing I might add). Oil 9 x 12

Palm Springs

While visiting Palm Springs we passed this beautiful site. This is an oil 9 x 12

Saul playing the violin

Saul playing the violin Oil 9 x 12

Feeding the Ducks

This is my grandson Saul feeding the Ducks. Oil 9 x 12

08 March 2008

Taking a walk

Elk 3

The is Elk 3 in a series of 3) from a picture I took while on vacation on the Coast.

05 March 2008

Elk 2

This is another painting of the flower nursery in the town of Elk.

Elk 1

This painting was motivated by a vacation to the town of Mendecino, Ca.
Elk is a small town with a nursery in it with small cottages.

12 December 2006

This is a favorite of mine because I love red. It is a soft pastel on ersta sand paper
18 x 22.


Soft Pastel on black Canson 18 x 24. I had fun doing this painting as each reed was a different

Foggy Day

This is a soft pastel 18 x 22 on Canson Pastel paper of a cold foggy morning

Love Birds

I saw this photograph and had to paint it. this is a soft pastel on black canson pastel paper
it is 18 x 23.

08 December 2006

Iris Farm

Amador County has several iris farms, this is Blue Bird Haven. Soft Pastel

Hillside Poppy Field

I was commissioned to do a wine label of California poppies. Soft Pastel

Amador County Poppy Field

This is a soft pastel of poppies in early spring.

Hills of Amador

Hills of Amador
In the spring time these hills are covered with wild flowers.

The Wayward Travelers

The Wayward Travelers
I met these fellows on a trip along the coast in California

Two Birds

Two Birds
Fields at Point Reyes

Sue's frog. 1

Sue's frog. 1
Soft Pastel 4 x 6

Folsom Bridge

Folsom Bridge
There is a restrauant overlooking this beautiful spot on the river.